Diet schmiet
March 27, 2011, 11:19 am
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I’m quite partial to burgers…. And meat pies…. And Ice-cream. That’s probably the reason i find it so hard to lose weight.

Although I have recently started the ‘Tony Ferguson” diet. It’s pretty shitty. I’m not going to lie. The milkshakes taste pretty crap and the food that you’re allowed to eat kind of does too. It pretty much counts out the majority of foods that I like to eat. But this is a means to an end. And if i post a blog about it I may feel slightly less inclined to cave in and buy myself something I shouldn’t eat.

So I guess since everyone knows, I can’t back down off it now. I will keep everyone posted on new developments

That’s it for now!


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Nice one! Second post. 🙂

Glad to hear you’re making a go of Tony Ferguson’s. I know a few girls who’ve done really well on it. Gotta do what makes you happy in the end.

Best of luck! (I’ll be watching.)

Hugs, etc!
-Steven. <3.

Comment by pinwci


Comment by Ben

I am proud of you – I always said “Use your Words”

Comment by Alison

Go Hannah!

Comment by Jessie

Yay! Shakes taste crapo! I tried one of the similar ones, works really well but really easy to go back to yummy food after. 😦 Good luck! 😀

Comment by Schman

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