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March 30, 2011, 5:10 am
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I was over the moon when I got my job. I mean like, really super excited. But that all changed a few months into it before they forgot to pay me the week before Christmas. That was an ongoing thing. I remember it being about four weeks until they finally got it right in the end. Three guesses what happened when I checked my bank this morning…

$2.17……….. $2.17……. what?……. It is Wednesday isn’t it?… Yes?…


I had plans for that money. Plans such as supanova, and coffee, and putting money towards my job of all things (buying resources etc.) Not happy jan….Not happy at all. I think i might even put an angry face.

>:-( <————- How’s that for mad ey?

Despite this awful start to my morning I am going to make it better. I am going to ring my boss and demand that i be paid. Then I am going to tell her to write me a reference so I can find another job that ACTUALLY PAYS ME.

Not happy at all. I will blog later to keep you updated. I’m going back to bed.

UPDATE:  Rang work and my boss said she’ll email the head office. *sigh*


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